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A different Hugh as House star Laurie shows signs of thinning

The suits are sharp, the eyes icy blue, and the hair is full-bodied and finely coiffured. No wonder High Laurie is such a hit with the ladies in the guise of Dr Gregory House, the sexy television doctor.


But away from the cameras and outside his North-West London home Hugh was looking a shade of his TV personna and seemed to be especially lacking up top.


Hugh Laurie

A different Hugh: A hirsuite Laurie in House (left) and a different perspective as the British star cleans his car

Hugh is back in the UK afer he was given an OBE from the Queen last week. HRH would surely have kopped an eyeful of Hugh's bald crown when he bowed and accepted his new title - wonder if she had any advice for our thinning star?

After receiving the award he drove back to his London pad in a red G-Wiz car wearing a deeply creased short-sleeved shirt and shorts. 

-Daily Mail

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