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The Man in the Ironic Mask

Hugh Laurie
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English actor, comedian, writer and musician. First reached fame as one half of the Fry and Laurie double act, with his friend and comedy partner, Stephen Fry. Since 2004 he has starred as Dr. Gregory House, protagonist in the American television drama House.
1. Play nice. Don't flame or be a dumbass. It will get you banned.

2. Try to stay on-topic and Hughtastic. If you're not sure whether or not your post is allowed, contact me to ask.

3. I myself am a liberal user of "OMG!!!". But, y'know, speak English. It's difficult to read a post that says "OMG WTF LOL hi gUyZ!!1!!!!!"

4. Put spoilers and large images behind an LJ-cut. Otherwise your post will be deleted.

5. Paparazzi/candid photos of Hugh's wife and children are no longer allowed in the community. If they accompany him to official events, photos are fine. Candids of Hugh himself are a grey area: if he looks okay with the shot being taken, fine. If he does not, they should not be posted. Photos taken in his home (balcony, through a window) are not to be posted.

6. It'd be appreciated if you could tag your posts so that they are easy to browse.
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